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       Corn seeds are of much interest as food for humans and as feed for livestock. However, diets that rely heavily on corn may require the consumption of complementary foods to supplement its deficiency in certain amino acids and vitamins. In fact, cereal proteins contain the alcohol soluble proteins called zeins, which are deficient in two essential amino acids, lysine and tryptophan, and which confer corn flours the low nutritive properties. Therefore, zeins should be removed from animal nutrition, and new applications of such by-products investigated. So far, zeins proved to be valuable raw material for the pharmaceutical companies and plastic material industry. Previously, we demonstrated and patented a technical solution for the production of corn flour with a high content of essential amino acids lysine and tryptophan, which can be used in monogastric animals or humans alone or in mixtures with other foods. In fact, we proposed methods to increase the essential amino acid content in various corn flours and decrease that of zein. The latter is extracted with alcohol solutions, in the presence of reducing or alkaline agents as well as other organic solvents, and used for the production of new biopolymers. Until now, we have studied their use only in obtaining drug delivery systems. Since Romania is an important corn producer, the new properties of zeins and their extraction should be studied and used in the synthesis of biocompatible and eco-friendly polymers or chelating agents-conjugated polymers. The results will be patented or published in high impact journals or patented.



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