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Main objective: The main objective of this proposal is to afford new experimental data, to be published or patented, related to zein extraction from corn seeds, its purification and use to synthesize new biocompatible polymers and drug delivery systems. We test here a patented method which improve much the zein content of corn flours and its extraction and validate it by other laboratory procedures, followed by eco-friendly chemical synthesis of zein-containing copolymers, amino acids-, peptide-, or drug-conjugated zeins.

The specific objective is the transfer of knowledge generated in basic research on proteins and zeins toward the higher level of technological maturity, namely the lab-validated technology (Project outcome: a new patent). Increasing the capacity of Al. I. Cuza University and Petru Poni Institute to generate lab-validated solutions for new and significantly improved methods and technologies as well as their use in medical investigation is another specific objective. Besides, to fulfill all these purposes, young scientists, master and PhD students, will be integrated in the project and trained with the instruments from both research units, reagent and protocols usage. They will write their dissertations, make oral and poster presentations, and will become co-authors of papers and patents (another project outcome). Moreover, the relationship of the students & staff of Al. I. Cuza University and the Petru Poni Institute researchers will become closer


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